Time For Small Business Success In Tampa Bay!

Central Florida Community Planning and Development (CFCPD) in conjunction with SmallBusinessSymposium.com is bringing yet another Small Business Symposium to the Tampa Bay area. This event will connect prospective and current businesses with resources and vendors. The goal is to ensure that each participant…

  • Get FREE actionable information that will contribute to your business’ stability
  • Develop skills to identify the strengths and flaws like a true key decision maker
  • Learn to address inefficiencies which contribute to failure and reduce success
  • Receive information from influential leaders you wouldn’t otherwise encounter

The Small Business Symposium is a FREE event that is open to business owners in Tampa Bay and to those that are interested in starting a business of their own.  All Small Business Symposium presentations are meant to offer you helpful, unbiased, and actionable information. And most importantly, there will be no sales pitches coming from the sponsors or presenters.

Attendees will receive financial, marketing, and business advice through a live panel discussion and networking luncheon.

Who Should Attend This FREE Event?


You want to start your own business but need help making it happen.

Even if your business is still in the idea stage you will receive pertinent information about programs, tools, strategies and support organizations that exist to bring your idea from a concept to reality.



You just opened your business and are looking for help growing.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step! At this point we want to make sure you avoid common mistakes that will result in your business becoming a memory; because the next steps you take are crucial.



You have an established business and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You’re doing great, but you could be doing even better! At this point we want to make sure that you become the next local powerhouse in the East Tampa Community.



Opening Remarks

“Creating New Opportunities For Small Business In Tampa.”
Mayor Bob Buckhorn

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