The Outdoor Market Is Coming to East Tampa!

On August 27, 2017 Central Florida Community Planning & Development Inc., East Tampa Revitalization Partnership, Bethesda CDC and The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department are having an Outdoor Market at Alfred “Al” Barnes Jr. Park. We will be holding the Outdoor Market on the 4th Sundays of each month, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. We’ve chosen this time to accommodate church goers and choirs which will be ongoing participants in this event. This Outdoor Market is a gathering space for the community and will work as an incubator for home based or cottage business to showcase their company as they work toward the transition of a brick and mortar store front. Present at our events will be branding experts, other entrepreneurs and financial partners who are all looking for the next great idea to get behind. The overall impact of the incubator is expected to be small business formation, job creation and the establishment of an entrepreneurial environment that will contribute to the diversification of the economy and enhance the quality of life in the East Tampa Area.

The Small Business Symposium Coming Soon!

Small Business Symposium is an entity created by Central Florida Community Planning and Development and Executive Board Members of East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership for the sole purpose of creating jobs in Florida. This collective organization introduces small business owners to elected officials, government organizations and successful private corporations which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to readily contact or afford. Small Business Symposium uses the sidebar to the left make the public aware of our upcoming official events or similar business building events which we readily endorse.

Small Business Symposium gives attendees a FREE event that is designed to help business owners and those that are interested in starting a business of their own. There are no sales pitches from the sponsors or presenters. All Small Business Symposium presentations come from true experts and power-brokers who want to be helpful, unbiased, and offer actionable intelligence on how attendees can grow their business. Attendees receive structural, financial, legal, marketing, and other business advice through a live panel discussion and networking luncheon.

Who Should Attend This FREE Event?



You want to start your own business but need help making it happen.

Even if your business is still in the idea stage you will receive pertinent information about programs, tools, strategies and support organizations that exist to bring your idea from a concept to reality.



You just opened your business and are looking for help growing.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step! At this point we want to make sure you avoid common mistakes that will result in your business becoming a memory; because the next steps you take are crucial.



You have an established business and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You’re doing great, but you could be doing even better! At this point we want to make sure that you become the next local powerhouse in the East Tampa Community.



Opening Remarks

“Special Welcome Message from Tampa’s Mayor to the 2016 Small Business Symposium.”
Mayor Bob Buckhorn

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